Massage, Full Body Manscaping/Waxing, Mani-Pedi, Facials, Body Scrub

A    Place   Just    For    The     Men. . . . . . The  Man  Cave

~ Certified Professional Massage, Facials, Waxing and More ~

Massage ~ We offer hour, 90min & 2hour sessions, Choose from relaxation, deep tissue or hot stone, all of our massages include aromatherapy, luxury hot towels and a cozy heated table. Also we customize your massage, for your ultimate benefit for your individual needs, lifestyle, affordability and schedule. 


Facials ~ Our highly trained certified estheticians will address a variety of skincare concerns ranging from premature aging, pigmentation, rosacea, environmental damage, as well as acne flare-ups and patchy complexion. Our custom facial treatments use professional products and techniques that precisely fit your skincare needs. Our Signature Facial treatments all begin with an in-depth consultation and assessment of your skin's needs and concerns.

Waxing ~  We Specialize in men's full body, manscaping and grooming.  Hair Free 4-6 Weeks (no irritations)

Mani/Pedi ~  Whatever you need, we can make it happen.